Popular Mechanics Russia, featuring kinetic art by Theo Kaccoufa.

Kinetic dancing chairs - Twinkle Toes (left) and The Agony of Waiting (right)

Theo Kaccoufa in Russian Popular Mechanics

November 2013, no. 11 (133), pages 118 to 120.

Article by Tatiana Alexeeva.

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Garden Bear, detail view (head), 2013, kinetic wire sculpture.

Garden Bear, detail view 2013, kinetic sculpture. See Cyber Fauna

Garden Bear

Currently on display at The MAD Museum

  • The MAD Museum (Mechanical Art & Design)
  • 4-5 Henley St
  • Stratford Upon Avon
  • Warwickshire
  • CV37 6PT, UK
  • +44 (0)1789 269356
Graphene kinetic sculpture with moire pattern shadows, detail.

Graphene kinetic sculpture with moire pattern shadows, detail. Giants of the Infinitesimal

Giants of the Infinitesimal Exhibition

Artists collaborate with Scientists to explore a strange new world to be found at the nano-scale.

Giants of the Infinitesimal is a collaboration between artists Tom Grimsey and Theo Kaccoufa and six eminent nanoscientists. The scientists are Prof Rasmita Ravall, Prof Philip Moriarty, Dr Ashley Cadby, Prof Lee Cronin, Prof Robert Jones , Dr Guenter Moebus. The Giants of the Infinitesimal will be showing in Liverpool mid 2014.

Happy Days, detail, Cyber Flora series.

Happy Days, detail, wire sculpture, Cyber Flora series .

Cyber Flora

Wire sculpture, mild steel wire, steel, brass, silver solder, paint lacquer, various sizes.

"Theo Kaccoufa's work explores visions of the future and questions the possible outcomes of genetic manipulation. Appearing like ghosts of the natural world, his three-dimensional wire drawings of flowers are born out of the desire for constant improvement, the search for that which is bigger, better and longer lasting".

Excerpt from Real Ideal exhibition catalogue, Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, UK.

Super Delight, detail, sculpture commission by the Millenium Galleries. Pink Think, detail, sculpture commission by Danielle Arnaud contemporary art. Happy Days, detail, installation commissioned by the Contemporary Arts Project. Oliver, V22 Contemporary Art Collection. True Love, detai, V22 Contemporary Art Collection.

Images, left to right:

GM Bears, Genetically Modified Bear series, installation, Millennium Galleries.

GM Bears, installation, Real Ideal Exhibition, Millennium Galleries, Sheffield .

Cyber Fauna

Sculpture and kinetic art

"The series GM Bears refers more explicitly to a science fiction style future. While still recognisable as the comforting childhood toy they now have strange distortions such as squid tentacles or wings. Here nature is not tamed in the familiar image of the ted bear but modified and manipulated hinting at sinister implications for the future. "

Sun Bee on Board, Cyber Fauna series.

Sun Bee on Board, Cyber Fauna series.

Kinetic Furniture installation, Domestic Appliance exhibition, Flowers East.

Kinetic Furniture installation view, Domestic Appliance exhibition, Flowers East, 2008. Kinetic Art .

Kinetic Art

Kinetic sculpture employing electronics, mechanics, found objects, domestic appliances, furniture, water, living tree, wire, wood, steel, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, electric motors.

"The chair that models itself in the image of Kafka's modern anti-hero is, by means of its appellation, also a Monument to the Isms. The author of this work, British artist Theo Kaccoufa, explains that the title acknowledges the 20th century art movements that were 'once vigorous creatures roaming the earth' and which now 'occasionally kick and struggle to regain their footing'. In manifesting this art historical critique in the ultimate image of alienation, mixed metaphors of metamorphosis abound: where Kafka begins his novella with the ridiculous but resonant proclamation that a man is now a large insect, Kaccoufa conjures the equally contentious proposal that artistic movements are an endangered species victim to the dialectical dangers of historical negation."

Extract from Domestic Appliance exhibition catalogue, Flowers East , 2008. Text by Ellie Harrison-Read, Curator.

Flower Press, Kinetic Art, Domestica series. Everywhere Door, Kinetic Furniture series. Time Machine, Kinetic Furniture series. One Minute to Love, Kinetic Tree installation, Museum of Garden History. Moon Bed, Kinetic sculpture, Royal Academy Schools.

Images from Kinetic art series, Domestica, Kinetic Furniture, Kinetic Tree and earlier works.

Twinkle Toes video, Theo and Glauce

Twinkle Toes, Firestarter edition

Video collaboration by Theo and Glauce

A video of a kinetic chair dancing to The Prodigy's Firestarter. featuring kinetic sculpture by Theo Kaccoufa and painting installation by Glauce Cerveira.

Sketchbook, Studies for mechanical Elvis Bird.

Studies for mechanical "Elvis Bird".

Sketchbook studies

Pencil and pen drawings

A selection of pages from a large collection of A4 sketchbooks, dating from 1991 to the present. (A4 Cornellissen's portrait hardback sketchbooks).

Daisy Bear, wire sculpture maquette.

Daisy Bear,, wire sculpture. Prized maquette at the UBE Biennalle Model Competition, Japan, 2007

Cyber Fauna Models

Maquettes for Cyber Fauna

Multimedia sculpture studies, including mild steel, silver solder and paint.

The Agony of Waiting, Maquette for kinetic dancing chair.

The Agony of Waiting, dancing chair maquette, .

Kinetic Models

Maquettes and studies for kinetic sculpture

Kinetic and time-based sculpture models employing electronics, mechanics, found objects, domestic appliances, furniture, wire, wood, steel, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, electric motors.

Bowler Bird, maquette with bowler hat.

Bowler Bird, maquette with bowler hat. .

Ooowh!, Penguin wire sculptures installation by Glauce and Theo.

Ooowh! Penguins installation.

Theo and Glauce

Theo Kaccoufa& Glauce Cerveira collaboration work

Above: Ooowh, wire sculpture, painted and glittered penguins., mild steel wire, silver solder, oil and synthetic crystals, average height 44 cm.

Below: Video of a Kinetic chair dancing to The Prodigy's Firestarter.

Twinkle Toes Firestarter Edition, 2011, video collaboration by theo and Glauce.

Twinkle Toes,, Firestarter Edition, video, 2011.

Daisy Bear, limited edition print, detail.

Daisy Bear White

Limited Edition Print / Stanley Picker Fellowship

2007, Giclée on Somerset Velvet, 594 x 420 mm, Edition of 10.

Daisy Bear White limited edition print was created to celebrate 10 years of the Stanley Picker Gallery and 30 years of the Stanley Picker Fellowship Programme.

Bean Tree, maquette for Cyber Flora series.

Bean Tree, sculpture study,

Cyber Flora Models

Maquettes for Cyber Flora

Three-dimensional studies and polychromatic wire sculptures that describe three dimensional coloured lines in space. Various sizes, mild steel wire, steel, brass, silver solder, paint lacquer.

Paradise Found, Cyber flora at The Landfill Art Project.

Paradise Found, Cyber Flora series

Paradise Found

The Landfill Art Project

I was invited to create a piece of work using a discarded wheel hub. Paradise Found is the result. Medium: solder, wire and recycled materials, including plastic wheel hub and various self-coloured tin cans.

Dearest, kinetc sculpture (chair).

Dearest, kinetic sculpture (chair)

Dearest @ Ghost III

Exhibition curated by Sarah Sparkes & Ricarda Vidal .

17 - 18 December 2010 , St. John Church on Bethnal Green 200 Cambridge Heath Road London E2 9PA